Thursday, August 4, 2011

Free word processing applications (introduction to Cloud Computing)

Ever heard of cloud computing? Now you can prepare, create and manage all your documents, presentations, Spreadsheets, surveys and lots more online for free with out buying or installing any software on your computer. 
You can also share your work online to any one and access your documents from anywhere with a wider variety of devices ranging from Laptop, desktops computers, mobile phones, ipads, handhelds and lots more

Gone are those days when a user must purchase a license for each application from a software vendor and obtain the right to install the application on your computer system before you can be granted access to it.
Google documents is a word processing package similar to Word, access and power point and can be used in Cloud computing.
What is Cloud Computing?
Cloud computing is a set of collective computing resources used on the Internet.
Here Data are stored on Server Farms generally located while the on-line service is offered from a cloud provider.

Start Here

These are some documents you can prepare using Googledocs
1.   Word Documents

2.   Presentations

3.   Spreadsheets

4.   Forms

5.   Drawings
and lots more...

Some benefits Google doc’s offers
  • ·         Create new documents, spread sheets, presentations and lots more
  • ·         Document editing
  • ·         Access of your documents anywhere
  • ·         Share a document with another reader or writer
  • ·        Storage. You can store all of your backups on the system(i.e. no more fear for loss of documents if your hard disk crashes
Added advantages
  • ·         Google gives you an infinite amount of storage space on the system thus making it ok  for you to store all of your backups on the system.
  • ·         Using Google documents, you can easily go back and forth between checking your email and working on your writing in the documents section.
  • ·         Sharing your documents (like a virtual LAN) from the list you've created.
Simple steps on how to use Google documents
Step 1
Login or Sign up for a Google Gmail account

Step 2

Click the create new dropdown button by your left hand side

Step 3

Select the type of document you want to work with and you are good to go.

Happy online exploration…

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