Monday, May 20, 2013

We pray for the people of Oklahoma

Lord,We pray for the people of Oklahoma devastated by the horrific tornado today. Give them strength to face this disaster and send your comfort to their community. Amen

Deadly tornado hit Oklahoma

At least two people have died and 21 others have been injured in a series of tornadoes that tore through the US state of Oklahoma.The worst damage was caused by a twister near the town of Shawnee, 35 miles (55km) from Oklahoma City.A mobile home park near Shawnee is said to have been razed and thousands in the area are without power.

Saturday, May 18, 2013


Akpos, a Ghanaian,  just got admission into one of the Nigerian institutions. At the first day of lecture, the following conversation erupted…..
The Lecturer said, “let’s begin by reviewing some Nigerian history.”  
The Lecturer asked who said, “I shall return to die in the land of my fathers?”She saw a sea of blank faces, except for Akpos, who had his hand up.
Akpos replied: “King Jaja of Opobo, 1875″”very good!” said lecturer.
Then, she asked again, who said, “The land use act will feed the nation?”
Again, no response except from Akpos:”Obasanjo , 1976.”
The Lecturer snapped at the class; “class, you should be ashamed. Akpos, who is new to our Country, knows more about our history than you do.”
The Lecturer heard a loud whisper:”Ghana must go”. “who said that?” she demanded,
Akpos put his hand up,”Buhari 1984.” At that point, a student at the back scornfully said;”Hmmm, you think you are smart?”
The Lecturer glared and asked; “All right! Now, who said that?” Again, Akpos said,”Babangida to Abiola,1992.” Hmmm, a Student at the back smilled “I dey laugh ooh” Akpos smilled back and said Obasanjo to Atiku 2001.
Now furious, another student yelled;”Oh yeah! Eat this!” Akpos jumped out of his chair waving his hand and shouting to the Lecturer,”India n mistress giving an apple to Abacha, 1998″Now, with almost mob hyseria, someone said; “You little poo. If you say anything else, I’ll kill you.” Akpos frantically yelled at the top of his voice; “Chris Uba to Ngige, 2004!” The Lecturer fainted, and as the class gathered around her on the floor, someone said; “Oh poo, we’re in Big trouble now!” Akpos whispered; “Chimaroke Nnamani, Ayodele Fayose and Lucky Igbinedon 2007″ Someone angrily said; “Dont answer him, he is a fool” Akpos smiled and replied; “Obansanjo to IBB, 2011″ Now,the Lecturer managed to get up and asked Akpos; pls, who’re you? Show your self.. Akpos jumped, yelled and said; Jonathan to BOKO HARAM, 2012

Moon Hit By Largest Meteoroid Impact in 8 Years

The U.S. space agency, NASA, has just spotted the biggest explosion on the Moon in the eight years since the agency has been monitoring lunar impacts caused by meteoroids."On March 17, 2013, an object about the size of a small boulder hit the lunar surface in Mare Imbrium," said Bill Cooke of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office. "It exploded in a flash nearly 10 times as bright as anything we've ever seen before."The meteoroid, which weighed an estimated 40 kilograms and was just over a third of a meter wide, hit the Moon at a speed of 90,000 kilometers per hour. NASA said it packed the explosive equivalent of five tons of TNT.Cooke believes the lunar impact might have been part of a much larger event."On the night of March 17, NASA and University of Western Ontario all-sky cameras picked up an unusual number of deep-penetrating meteors right here on Earth," he said. "These fireballs were traveling along nearly identical orbits between Earth and the asteroid belt."The blast on the moon was so bright that anyone looking at Earth’s closest neighbor at the time of impact could have seen the explosion without a telescope.

Odu’a Museum Opens at Cocoa House Ibadan, Oyo State

Cocoa House in Ibadan famous as one of the first in terms of architectural innovations in South-west Nigeria recently got a complimentary attraction.
The penthouse of the 24-storey structure now houses the Odu’a Museum and Hall of Fame. The museum was conceptualised to promote the history, culture, heritage and ingenuity of the Yoruba people.
The apartment housing the museum is divided into two, giving visitors the option of choosing the museum or the hall of fame from the main entrance.Tastefully decorated and equipped with a blend of contemporary collections, the museum and hall of fame were conceived to preserve and promote the heritage of the Yoruba and by extension educate and entertain tourists about the Yoruba people and culture. The design aims to replicate the traditional Yoruba village setting and thus evoke a sense of nostalgia in those familiar with such.
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Friday, May 17, 2013

Nigerian forces bomb Islamist militant camps from the air

Nigerian forces used jets and attack helicopters to bombard militant camps in the northeast on Friday, their biggest offensive since Boko Haram began an insurgency almost four years ago to try create a breakaway Islamic state. A military source said at least 30 insurgents had been killed in the operation, which the defense headquarters spokesman said included the Sambisa game reserve in Borno state, center of the uprising and heart of a medieval Islamic empire."It is not just Sambisa, every camp is under attack," the spokesman, Brigadier-General Chris Olukolade, said by telephone. "But we have not done the mopping up operations on the ground to determine the numbers killed.
Nigerian forces are trying to regain territory controlled by well-armed Boko Haram Islamist insurgents in remote northeastern stronghold states of Borno, Yobe and Adamawa, put under a state of emergency by President Goodluck Jonathan on Tuesday.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Chelsea win Europa League title

A stoppage time goal from Branislav Ivanovic helped Chelsea become the first English club to win all three of UEFA's major trophies as they beat Benfica 2-1 in the Europa League final on Wednesday.The Serbian defender sent the London fans wild with delight when he climbed high at the far post and sent a header back across goalkeeper Artur into the corner of the net following a corner from Juan Mata. Fernando Torres had put Chelsea in front with a breathtaking solo goal in the 59th minute before Oscar Cardozo equalised with a penalty nine minutes later.

2000 soldiers, fighter jets deployed to Borno state

About 2,000 security operatives and military hardware, including fighter jets have been deployed to Maiduguri ahead of yesterday’s declaration of State of Emergency. In neighboring Yobe State, it is not clear how many soldiers were deployed but residents said shortly after the declaration of state of emergency, stop and search operations have been intensified in the state capital while movement have been restricted in other places. Residents said the deployment of the federal troops, including the army, navy, air force and operatives of the State Security Service (SSS) began at the weekend.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Body of Woman found in son’s room, 10 years after.

It was a shock find in Oguta, Imo State, yesterday. The embalmed body of a 78-year-old grandmother, who was declared missing 10 years ago, was discovered inside her son’s home.
The sleepy Ejemekwuru community in Oguta Local Government Area of Imo State has been thrown into turmoil over the strange discovery in the home of Dr. Chimezie Osigweh, a retired school principal.The police threw open the wardrobe to reveal the body of Madam Lucy Osigweh.The lid was blown off the scandal by a 22-year-old boy who was searching for his credentials in his father’s closet.As he opened a wardrobe, he was confronted with the grim sight – the stiff and embalmed body – of her grandmother, who was thought to have been missing.He tipped off the police, who arrested his dad after confirming the claim.
Imo State Police Commissioner Musa Katsina said Madam Osigweh was declared missing in 2003.Katsina, speaking at the house in Ejemekuru, said the embalmed body had been kept in that condition since 2003.

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Banky W chilling in U.K.

Right after his Oxford arrangement last week Mr Capable as seen in pix is having the time of his life. Carry go, nothing do u joor.

Lamborghini celebrates 50th Anniversary with the launch of "Egoista,"

At its own 50th anniversary party in Italy on Saturday, Lamborghini unveiled this surprise, a one-off car from designer Walter De Silva. Inspired by the look of Apache attack helicopters, powered by a 600-hp V-10, Lamborghini gave the one-seater the inspiring name "Egoista," and what better way to recapture lost youth than by crafting a supercar with the unchecked passion of a teen-ager.

UN urges people to eat insects to fight world hunger

The report by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization says that eating insects could help boost nutrition and reduce pollution.
It notes than over 2 billion people worldwide already supplement their diet with insects.However it admits that "consumer disgust" remains a large barrier in many Western countries.
Wasps, beetles and other insects are currently "underutilised" as food for people and livestock, the report says. Insect farming is "one of the many ways to address food and feed security"."Insects are everywhere and they reproduce quickly, and they have high growth and feed conversion rates and a low environmental footprint," according to the report. Nutritional valueThe authors point out that insects are nutritious, with high protein, fat and mineral content.They are "particularly important as a food supplement for undernourished children".
Insects are also "extremely efficient" in converting feed into edible meat. Crickets, for example, need 12 times less feed than cattle to produce the same amount of protein, according to the report.
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Nigeria's Boko Haram releases hostage video

Report updates from BBC news that Nigeria's militant Islamist group Boko Haram has abducted women and children in response to the arrest of its members' wives and children, it says. Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau released a video, showing women and children purportedly being held. If confirmed, these would be the first Nigerians taken hostage by Boko Haram.In the video, Mr Shekau also said the group was behind two recent attacks in the north-east, which left an estimated 240 people dead.The group has rejected an amnesty offered by the government to end the insurgency that has killed at least some 2,000 people in the past three years.'Infants detained'
In a single house in Damaturu, eight of our women and 14 children were arrested”Abubaker Shekau Boko Haram leader Boko Haram has repeatedly accused the security forces of illegally detaining the relatives of its members, saying their release was a pre-condition for any truce. In the video, Mr Shekau did not name the women and children whom he said the group had seized, or say how many they were."We kidnapped some women and children, including teenage girls," he said.This was in response to the securing forces arresting women, children and infants related to Boko Haram members in Kano, Bauchi and Damaturu, Mr Shekau said."In a single house in Damaturu, eight of our women and 14 children were arrested," he said.
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Disturbing development in the banking industry as some banks’ Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) now dispense fake currencies, particularly the N1000 notes, which is the highest denomination in the country.
A drama played out last week in Lagos when a customer who withdrew money from an old generation bank went to another bank few metres away to deposit part of the money in another bank, but was shocked when the cashier told him that some of the N1000 notes were fake.
Efforts to explain the source of the money were rebuffed. The cashier and customers in that bank confirmed that the development was not strange but was now becoming rampant. Another victim who withdrew some amount of money from an ATM in Ibadan was stunned when he was told by a cashier in his office, in an attempt to make some deposit, that two of the one thousand naira notes were fake.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Change the colour of your eyes with a laser

Do you have brown eyes?
Do you wish you could have bright blue eyes instead?
Well, now you can, thanks to a novel laser therapy developed by a cosmetic surgeon. In a 20 second procedure, the eye is blasted with a laser targeting the iris and stopping the pigment cells from producing their brown colouring. Underneath the brown pigment is a natural blue colour, which is revealed once all the pigment has been neutralised, which takes around two weeks of treatments. The procedure is currently undergoing a larger pilot, having successfully completed clinical trials, and should be available for general consumers within the next year or so. It should cost in the region of $5,000.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Prisoner impregnates 4 female Prison Guards

A Maryland gang member is accused of running a scheme to smuggle contraband into prison by ‘corrupting’ 13 female prison guards from behind bars, four of whom he impregnated. A federal indictment says Tavon White has been charged in the plot to smuggle drugs, cell phones and other contraband into the Baltimore jail and other corrections facilities, along with the prison guards, six of his fellow inmates and five others with gang ties who allegedly operated outside the jails. The indictment also says the ring involved sex between the inmates and guards, which led to four of the officers becoming pregnant by White, the leader of a jailhouse gang called the Black Guerrilla Family.

Celebrity Blogger Linda Ikeji covers Mania Magazine

One of Naijas finest celebrity blogger Linda Ikeji covers the second edition of Mania Magazine. Isn't she looking take away?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Manchester United Coach, Alex Ferguson Retires At 71

Sir Alex Ferguson, the Manager of England Manchester United  football team has retired at the age of 71 after serving the club for 26 years."Sir Alex" as he is fondly called has won a total number of 38 trophies for the club including Europa league title, he has won 13 premier league titles, 2 Champions League crowns, 5 FA Cups and 5 League Cups during his 26 hears reign as the manager of the club. Addressing pressmen during his retirement announcement this morning in England, the Scottish said:"The decision to retire is one that I have thought a great deal about. It is the right time," Ferguson said."It was important to me to leave an organization in the strongest possible shape, and I believe I have done so.

Bob Marley Day Saturday 11th May, 2013

This weekend happens to be another day to celebrate the life of Bob Marley, one of the greatest musicians that ever lived. With his legacy, the world celebrates May 11, the day Marley died.

About Bob Marley:
Nesta Robert "Bob" Marley, (6 February 1945 - 11 May 1981) was a Jamaican singer, songwriter and musician. He was the rhythm guitarist and lead singer for the reggae band, The Wailers (1963-1974) and Bob Marley & The Wailers (1974-1981). Marley remains the most widely known and the best-selling performer of reggae music, having sold more than 75 million albums worldwide. He is also credited with helping spread both Jamaican music and the Rastafari movement to a worldwide audience. His best-known hits include "I Shot the Sheriff", "No Woman, No Cry", "Could You Be Loved", "Duppy Conqueror", "Stir It Up", "Get Up Stand Up", "Jamming", "Redemption Song", "One Love", and "Three Little Birds",as well as the posthumous releases "Buffalo Soldier" and "Iron Lion.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Monaco to push back sea for luxury development

Tiny, densely populated Monaco plans to push back the sea to make way for luxury apartment blocks and businesses.
The wealthy principality in the south of France has invited bids for the six-hectare (14-acre) development project.The competing bids will have to be submitted by 23 July, and the plan is to complete the new district by 2024.Reclaiming the area from the sea is expected to cost 1bn euros (£842m). The rocky tax haven has hardly any space onshore for new construction. A similar project was abandoned in 2008 because of environmental concerns and the global financial crisis.
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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Samsung officially releases GALAXY S4 in Ghana

Samsung electronics has officially introduced the fourth generation GALAXY S, the GALAXY S4, designed to get consumers closer to what matters in life and bring their world together.
The latest GALAXY S, a sleek and innovative smartphone developed to redefine the way people live and to maximise their fulfilment of life, was launched on Friday at a grand event attended by state officials and mobile IT experts at State House in Accra.
The phone enables users to understand the value of relationships, have true connections with friends and family, and make their lives easy and hassle free.“The real beauty of the phone is the highly crated design encompassing a larger screen size and battery, minimised bezel, all housed in the (130g) and slim (136.6×69.8×7.9mm) shape that you never thought possible,” Samsung’s press release on the phone said.
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Saturday, May 4, 2013

30 feared dead in fresh crisis in Taraba State

A funeral march in the small town of Wukari, Nigeria turned into a violent clash between Hausa and Fulani settlers, who tend to be Muslim, and Jukun, who are mostly Christian. At least 30 were killed, and many houses burned.
Members of the Jukun ethnic group were marching through the small commercial town of Wukari to a funeral when an argument broke out with local Hausa and Fulani youths, which quickly degenerated into pitched battles with guns and machetes. Attackers also set fire to around 30 houses, police said.
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Friday, May 3, 2013

Genevieve Nnaji is 34 yrs Today.

Genevieve Nnaji, MFR is a Nigerian actress. In 2005 she won the African Movie Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role. CNN states that she is referred to as the "Julia Roberts of Africa".
Born: May 3, 1979 (age 34), Mbaise
Education: University of Lagos
Movies: Mirror Boy, Tango with Me, Ijé, Above Death: In God We Trust, 30 Days
Awards: African Movie Academy Award for Best Actress In Leading Role
Albums: One Logologo Line
Nominations: African Movie Academy Award for Best Actress In Leading Role
We are all wishing you LLNP...

Thursday, May 2, 2013


Candidates seeking employment at AFIT should possess appropriate skill levels in aerospace/aeronautical engineering, electrical/electronics engineering, communication engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering and Non Destructive Testing. The qualifications must be in disciplines consistent with the programmes undertaken at the Institute and possession of an aircraft maintenance engineers’ license will be an added advantage. 
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The Air Force Institute of Technology is a higher education institution engaged in imparting knowledge, skills and learning to students using specialised facilities and multi-disciplinary approach; a centre of excellence for serious innovative research and development for the aerospace, aeronautical, aviation and allied industries/disciplines.
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World Bank pledges $1 billion to boost agriculture in Nigeria

The World Bank has pledged to commit one billion dollars to support Nigeria’s agricultural sector in the next five years. Its Country Director, Ms Marie-Francoise Marie- Nelly, said this Thursday at a workshop on Gender and Agriculture Technical Dialogue in Abuja.“The World Bank is strongly engaged in agriculture, we are planning to commit almost one billion dollars in the next three to five years in agriculture.“Not only on this aspect of strengthening the capacity of women but also in strengthening the tools of production; and one area that I want to strengthen is irrigation.
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Wiz kid release new album

Win a Trip to Dubai with Legend Real Deal Promo Season II

Legend Extra Stout, the fastest growing stout brand from the stable of foremost brewer, Nigerian Breweries Plc, has launched the second edition of the Real Deal National Consumer Promotion.The brand is however set to capitalise on the success of the first edition, held in 2012. Just like the inaugural edition, thousands of lucky consumers will be rewarded via a Lucky-Bottle-Top-Offer. To win, consumers will simply buy a 60cl 0r 33 cl bottle of Legend Extra Stout, look under the crown cork and win whatever prize found printed under the crown cork.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Nine Nigerian Oil Workers Abducted In Bayelsa

Nine employees of Octopus Clan Nigerian Limited and the Deck Oil Services have been kidnapped by unidentified gunmen along the Ilebiri Creek in the Southern Ijaw Area of Bayelsa State. Sources in the security services said in Yenagoa on Sunday that the workers were abducted at about 2pm on Thursday by the yet to be identified gunmen, who are also suspected to be behind the killing of 12 policemen in Azuzuama on April 6. Sahara Reporters gathered that the gunmen seized the oil workers to negotiate a reprieve from the JTF which launched a series of raids to smoke out the kidnappers from their known camps...
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Solomon Akiyesi tells his side of the Story

He's finally telling his own side of the story. In a statement he released to, he said his first wife, Ezinne was deceitful and greedy, and that if he hadn't left Lilian his second wife, he would have committed suicide. But Uloma, the 3rd woman he attempted to marry, gives him true love and inner joy. See what he said below..Over the last one week, hell has been let loose on me. I’ve not only suffered verbal attacks, but also vituperations and near fisticuffs, all because of another futile attempt of mine at my journey towards achieving that which I honestly and passionately desire – a peaceful home and family. Social network sites and blogs have been awash with how I left Lilian, my “pregnant” wife, to marry Uloma, my Lagos “mistress” whom they also claimed was pregnant for me. Nothing can be farther from the truth.
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