Thursday, September 27, 2012


Intelligence tests are psychological tests which are designed to measure a variety of mental functions, such as reasoning, comprehension and judgment. These tests can also be described as a series of exercises meant to boost reasoning skills, memory and mental processing speed. Below is an IQ test which if practices for a while, will help boost your reasoning skills.
IQ Test: Quickly read out (ALOUD) what colors you see in the words below. NB: The colors in the word NOT the word.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Car Crash Under Wuse Bridge

In the early hours of 25th September, 2012 a navy blue Honda car smashed through a bridge along Wuse bridge causing heavy traffic due to by standers trying to get a glimpse of what actually happened.  

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Who really owns a man? His mother or wife?

Who really owns a man? His mother or wife?
 Mother:- My son must obey me unless he didn't suck my breast 4 1yr,
 wife:- He sucks mine now & sucked it 4more dan 5yrs and is still sucking.
 Mother: I carried him nine mnths.
 Wife:He was only 3.5kg den, so whats d big deal? I carry him evry night and he is 85kg now.
Mother.:- He passd btwn my legs.
 Wife:- Hahaha, he only passd dia once, he stays in-betwn my legs like evryday. Pls WHO OWNS A MAN

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Delta Community

Delta Community    
Two Communities, Ozoro and Oleh here in Delta State decided to organise a drinking competition. A week to the competition, Ozoro Community sent a delegate to Oleh Community to confirm if the competition will still hold.
On arrival, the people of Oleh Community brought 20litres of their strongest ogogoro as kola. The Delegate from Ozoro Community asked if he could taste, he was permitted. He finished the 20litres at once, and said; This is okay, wey the main drink?. The people ofOleh Community shouted; Come o! You dey among the competitors?.
He replied; Me?. No o! I no qualify O!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

22 ways God wants us to increase

The word increase from dictionary definition is to become or make greater in size, amount, intensity, or degree. When you take a toll and ask a number of people how they would want God to increase them, majority of them will relate it to finance or wealth and stop there. We fail to understand that God is all knowing and knows what’s best for us thus we are suppose to put him first and all other increase will follow. Thus the highest form of increase according to the word of God is that of spiritual. Get close to him and ask him to increase you spiritually first.
Other ways God wants us to increase are;
1.    God also wants us to increase mentally
2.    God wants us to increase emotionally
3.    God also wants us to increase
4.    God also wants the marriage relationship to increase
5.    God also wants to increase the parent-child relationship
6.    God also wants there to be financial increase
7.    God wants there to be increase in relationship
8.    God wants us to increase in character
9.    God wants us to increase in faith
10. God wants us to increase in wisdom
11. God wants us to increase in vision
12. God wants us to increase in favor
13. God wants us to increase in years and long life
14. God wants us to increase in the knowledge of his word
15. God wants us to increase in childbearing and productiveness
16. God wants us to multiply which is to find something that works and do it over and over
17. God wants us to subdue or conquer
18. God wants us to replenish
19. God wants us to have dominion
20. God wants us to increase in love
21. God wants us to increase in our love for him