Monday, June 3, 2013

Co-owner of Abuja’s Wonderland Park and Amigo Supermarket named as leader of terrorist group

Security agencies in the country have linked a co-owner of two popular business outlets in the nation’s capital as ring leader in a major terrorist operation in the country.
In a statement by the spokesman of the Joint Task Force in Kano, Ikedichi Iweha, Fauzi Fawad, the co-owner of Amigo Supermarket and Wonderland Amusement Park, both in Abuja, was named as a member of a Lebanese Hezbollah terrorist cell in Nigeria.
The JTF said Mr. Fawad’s name was mentioned by all those arrested for being part of the syndicate.
The group is in possession of heavy weapons, and other terrorism related activities the military described as “weapons of mass destruction.”
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