Thursday, April 18, 2013

FCT Minister Senator Bala A. Mohammed Opens up New World Class District in the Abuja "Caraway Dallas District"

Approximately 10 minutes from the centre of Abuja’s city centre, Caraway Dallas spans 230 hectares of delightful rolling hill landscape, which is made more interesting by lush greenery, a golf strip and a lake. With stunning panoramic views of both Aso Hills and the city centre, its prime location between Abuja’s peaceful countryside and active metropolis makes this a residential haven in the heart of Nigeria. The scope of amenities also includes the provision of a water supply distribution network, storm water drainage system, sewage system, electric power supply and distribution, street lighting and telecommunication ducting. Each house shall be sited on approximately 2,000-m2 area of land, with proximity to amenities including school, clinic, police/fire station, ambulance services, and a shopping centre. The District is divided into 6 zones or provinces: Fairway Province Regatta Province Justice Province Executive Province Diplomats Province Premier Province.
Facilities to be made available include:
• A 9-hole Golf Course
• Artificial Lake
• Shopping Mall
• Luxury Hotel
• CCTV and other Security Infrastructure
• 24 hour Uninterrupted Electricity Supply
• Street Lighting and Maintenance.
• Fiber-Optic Internet Communication
• Clinic, School, Police/Fire Station and Places of Worship .
• On-site Facility Management
• Petrol Filling Station.
• Private Ambulance Services.

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