Wednesday, April 10, 2013

NUCLEAR WAR!!! North Korea prepares to strike.

North Korea has issued a statement warning all foreigners to evacuate South Korea as peninsula edges closer to nuclear war. The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said during a visit to Rome that he had spoken to the Chinese leadership to try to calm tensions, and would discuss the issue with US President Barack Obama.'
The current level of tension is very dangerous, a small incident caused by miscalculation or misjudgement may create an uncontrollable situation,' Ki-moon said.
Meanwhile South Korean soldiers are redeploying to key areas to keep watch on North Korea, Japanese forces set up Patriot anti-missile defence systems in Tokyo as the threat level over a North Korea missile launch was raised, The United States and South Korea have raised their defense postures, as has Japan, which deployed PAC-3 missile interceptors in key locations around Tokyo. And Locklear said the U.S. military would be ready to strike back if provoked.

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